Internship Science Camp Organizer Details

Organizer Details


Password Policy
Password length must be min. 8 characters and max. 20 characters
It must contain at least :-
  • One upper case letter (say 'A')
  • One lower case letter (say 'a')
  • One digit (0-9)
  • One special character(*,@,#,$,`,~,!,&,(,),{,},[,],|,\,;,:,.,?,/,+,=) Except[<,>,%,',",-,_,blank space]

  • Have Science laboratories for holding camp.
  • Availability of auditorium with well equipped Sound systems and LCD Projectors.
  • Availabilities of Guest House,Hostels for Girls and Boys with holding capacities.
  • Owing the administrative and Financial responsibility for the organization of INSPIRE INTERNSHIP camp.

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