Notice Board

OM reg remittance of interest on unspent balance by SNA/CNA through Bharatkosh and other modesnew-flag
Posted on:12-01-2024
Clarifications regarding disbursement of INSPIRE Fellowships.
Posted on:17-11-2023
Joining Cum Acceptance (JCA) documents submission date has been extended till 15/9/2023 for the applicants whose Level-2 evaluation results were announced during July 2023.
Posted on:16-08-2023
List of host Institutes/Agencies with limit assigned data for FY 2022-23 and FY 2023-24 (till 19.7.2023).
Posted on:11-07-2023
List of Institutes indicating Reassignment Orders Status under 1817 Scheme Code including INSPIRE (As on 7.7.2023)
Posted on:11-07-2023
Inclusion of additional subjects at M.Sc. level for Scholarship support under INSPIRE-SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education)
Posted on: 03-03-2023
Procedure for Obtaining Individual Sanction Letter(s) of Fellows/Faculty Fellows
Posted on: 07-02-2023
Revised Procedure Steps of Funds Flow under CNA Model
Posted on: 30-01-2023
Adding Bank Details of Host Institutes/Universities on INSPIRE Web-Portal
Posted on: 13-01-2023
Inclusion of Host Institute under INSPIRE Fellowship/Faculty Fellowship Component
Posted on: 12-01-2023
INSPIRE Components Call Calendar
Posted on: 22-12-2022
Fund Flow under Umbrella Scheme 1817 (STIHCB): Issue of OM by DST on CNA Flow of Funds, CNA TDB Workflow and Template for Undertaking from IAs
Posted on: 02-11-2022
Revised procedure for flow of funds for INSPIRE Fellowship and INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship components
Posted on: 07-10-2022
Coastal cleanliness campaign "Swachh Sagar, Surakshit Sagar/Clean Coast Safe Sea"
Posted on: 08-08-2022