1. INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme

    INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme is a component under Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE), which is a flagship programme of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. It offers contractual research fellowships to young achievers and opportunity for independent research in the near term and emerges as a leader in future science & technology. The guideline of this component is available at http://www.online-inspire.gov.in.
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  2. Who can apply for INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme? What are the eligibility criteria for availing INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme?

    Indian citizens and people of Indian origin including NRI/PIO status with PhD (in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine, and Agriculture related subjects) from any recognized university in the world. Those who have submitted their PhD Theses and are awaiting award of the degree are also eligible. However, the Fellowship will be conveyed only after confirmation of the awarding the PhD degree.
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  3. What is the tenure of INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme?

    The INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship is tenable for a maximum period of 5 (five) years and no further extension will be given as per existing rules.
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  4. When should I apply for INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme?

    Call for applications are advertised once in a year in the month of July/August in the online portal. The online application link can be found athttp://www.inspire-dst.gov.in for regular updates. The online application link can be found here: http://www.online-inspire.gov.in or at http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in or at http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in.
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  5. What is the number of INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Award per year?

    A maximum of 100 INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship are to be awarded this year subject to rigorous and transparent criteria basis met by the potential aspirants. The number may vary.
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  6. How should I apply for INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme?

    One can apply for the Faculty Fellowship scheme through online portal only. To apply online, please follow the linkhttp://www.online-inspire.gov.in
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  7. What is the upper age limit? Is there any age relaxation?

    The upper age limit as on 1st Jan of the year of advertisement for General category applicants is 32 years. However, the upper age limit for SC/ST/Women candidates will be 37 years. For persons with bench mark disability the upper age limit, is 42 years. http://www.online-inspire.gov.in
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  8. How much is the amount of INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship?

    Each fellow shall receive fellowship of Rs 1,25,000/- per month with an annual increment of Rs. 2000/- and Rs 35 lakh (at the rate of Rs 7.0 lakh per year) of Research Grant for 5 years.
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  9. Does the Research Grant of 7.0 lakh per year include the carry-forwarded amount (i.e. balance amount) from previous year?

    Yes, it includes the carry-forwarded amount from previous year, if any.
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  10. How can I utilize the Research Grant?

    The Research Grant of Rs. 35 lakh for 5 years at the rate of Rs. 7.0 lakh per year can be utilized in any budget head flexibly.
    However, Expenditure under Travel and Contingencies would be limited to 10% each and Overhead 5%. Each fellow needs to provide proposal with detailed break up as above for utilization of Research Grant to INSPIRE–DST. Fellow/ Host Institution needs to adhere the approved break up for entire period of 5 years. [Back To Top]

  11. I am already having a permanent position. Am I eligible to apply?

    Candidates who are employed at the time of application (in any form i.e. permanent, contractual etc.) with any organization within India are eligible to apply. However, they have to relinquish their jobs for accepting INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship. No lien/deputation/ leave will be allowed.
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  12. What happens to my fellowship amount, if I get a permanent position during Fellowship tenure?

    When a fellow finds a permanent position during the Fellowship tenure of 5 years, the fellowship amount shall be discontinued from the day the Fellow joins the permanent position. But the fellow may continue with the INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme availing only the Research Grant for the remaining period to carry out research at the new position.
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  13. Whether there is any provision for taking research staff out of the Research Grant?

    Provision is available for supporting research staff out of Research Grant support during the fellowship tenure of 5 years. In the event of getting employment elsewhere other than the present Host Institute, the fellow could also be allowed to move the research staff along with him/her to new place within the country.
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  14. During the tenure of Faculty Fellowship can I apply for projects from other funding agencies?

    The INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship is eligible for applying for any competitive grants from all funding agencies during the tenure of the INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship.
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  15. During the tenure of Faculty Fellowship can I make National or International visits?

    Fellow shall be eligible to undertake short-term visit at any national or international Laboratory/ University/ Institute for further exposure and training to carry out research activities up to a maximum period of 18 months in multiple slots during 5 years of Fellowship tenure. However, this period will be treated as part of the fellowship period and it can be availed only after one year of positioning at the Host Institute.
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  16. Where can I implement the INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship?

    The INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship is generally required to be implemented at any recognized Institute/ University/ Laboratory in the country other than the Institute/ University/ Laboratory where the candidate has received his/her PhD degree or have undertaken PhD/post PhD research Activities.
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  17. What is the method employed for Selection?

    1. Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi in coordination with DST implements this INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme up to the selection of candidates for awarding INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship.
    2. Selection process involves recommendations by Discipline-based Expert Committee followed by final selection by the Apex Level Committee.
    3. Discipline-wise committees of INSA evaluate and shortlist the candidates.
    4. The Apex Committee shall finally select short-listed candidates for offering INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship under this Scheme and decision of the Apex Committee for selecting candidates in this Scheme shall be the final.
    5. Candidates, who have not identified host institutions at the time of their application, should do so immediately after their final selection. All selected candidates should avail the INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship within 3 months of their final selection.

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  18. What are the roles and requirements of Host Institutions?

    1. Host institutions should be encouraged to provide a congenial atmosphere for the fellows to excel in their work, and should view them as potential assets for faculty development
    2. Under no circumstances the “INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship” is renewable after 5 years. Host-institutions are expected to consider “INSPIRE Faculty” for permanent positions in due course, subject to meeting institutions’ performance assessment criteria.
    3. Host Institute shall provide access to all common infrastructural facilities including equipments, Computational facility and library, acceptable laboratory and office space during the tenure of the Fellowship.
    4. Host Institute assumes to undertake the financial and other management responsibilities for implementation of the INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship for 5 years on behalf of the Fellow and shall be responsible for all accounting purposes with the DST-INSPIRE Program. Host Institute will be required to provide Financial Statements every year to consider releasing next installment to Fellow.

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  19. Minimum information/ commitment required from Host Institutions?

    1. Access to all common infrastructural facilities, acceptable laboratory and office space (independently or on shared basis), computing, library access, etc.
    2. Information on whether desirable new areas/directions of research are being introduced through this scheme,
    3. Information on whether the INSPIRE Faculty Fellow will be allowed to supervise PhD students, hire research fellows, independently or jointly with a permanent faculty member
    4. 4.Host-institution’s willingness to consider the candidate for a permanent position in due course, subject to meeting statutory requirements.

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  20. How many numbers of days leave am I entitled in a year?

    During the INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship tenure, a fellow will be governed by rules and regulations of Host Institute regarding all type of leaves or any other matters related to Faculty Fellowship.
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  21. Is the INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Amount Taxable?

    Yes, as per Income Tax act, it is taxable.
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  22. What documents a selected Faculty Fellow need to submit after receiving the offer letter?

    1. Undertaking signed by fellow and Host Institute
    2. Bank detail of Host Institute
    3. Breakup on usage of Research Grant
    4. Joining Report

    The blank formats are available at http://www.online-inspire.gov.in
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  23. Is there any Breakup of Fellowship amount?

    Fellowship amount is consolidated (all inclusive). Break-up will not be feasible to provide.
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  24. How will I receive Fellowship and Research Grant after submitting required documents?

    The Faculty Fellowship amount and Research Grant will be transferred to the Host Institute annually. Copy of the sanction letter will be uploaded in the online portal. The Fellow may download the same.
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  25. How will I receive Fellowship and Research Grant after submitting required documents?

    The Faculty Fellowship amount and Research Grant will be transferred to the Host Institute annually. Copy of the sanction letter will be uploaded in the online portal. The Fellow may download the same.
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  26. When to submit reports and when evaluation will be done?

    Fellow shall be required to submit Annual Progress Report to INSPIRE-DST in the online portal. Midterm/Periodic performance evaluation shall be done on the progress of research by a national level Expert Committee and further continuation of support to each fellow shall depend upon the performance assessment by the Committee.
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  27. What I need to do to get next installment?

    Fellows need to submit Utilization Certificate, Statement of Expenditure and Annual Report as per the formats available at http://www.online-inspire.gov.in, at the end of every year through Host Institute for receiving the next installment. [Back To Top]

  28. I have to wait for my bank details to be approved before submitting my joining acceptance documents.

    The bank detail submission page consists of a selected bank details list already approved by DST. If you select the required bank detail from the list, you do not have to wait for its approval and can move forward directly to upload your joining acceptance. [Back To Top]

  29. Is the transfer or change of Host Institution permissible?

    Transfer or Change of Host Institution is permissible under the Scheme either upon getting i) permanent employment in another Institutions or ii) for any other valid reason. [Back To Top]

  30. What are the requirements for the Host Institute transfer?
    Following are the main requirements:

    1. Appointment Letter of permanent employment or justifications for change of Host Institution.
    2. NOC from present Host Institute and Acceptance Letter from new Host Institute,
    3. Fresh Signed copy of the Undertaking (not required in case of permanent employment in the same Host Institution),
    4. Up-to-date financial documents from the present Host Institute (also in case of permanent employment in the same Host Institute).

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